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No one said "Whiskers" in this Episode but if you watch this weeks Rescue Bots ep you will get plenty of 'Whiskers' (grin).

Nice episode - I'll be interested to see if we will get another flash back to show that they got the rest of their Family Killed through some stupidity or if they will just never mention it again ?

I keep wondering if there's still some cats about (more than the tiny numbers of them we see) such as hiding underground, in caves or enslaved to some lizards some place as it gives the kits parents and siblings some place to be other than dead.

If only because the Thundercats themselves are not really representative of a whole set of sub-species of cats.

I notice there's more than one sort of Lizard or Reptile too - perhaps they will show someone who's even bigger an meaner than Slyth who's like a crocodile or a Turtle.

Oh and isn't it odd that there's a complete lack of Humans in this show - unless you count the Swordsman or Mumm-Ra as one ? There was quite a few of human an near human races in the original show. Not to mention things like Unicorns too.

I'd like to know what other animal like races their might be that might lay outside the ones we have seen so far.

I would guess the Snowman would count as some sort of ape for example if he's ever used (i'm guessing he will as I've seen a picture of him).
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