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Originally Posted by Balgus82 View Post
The thing they're doing with Lion-O is that they're running him through a gauntlet so that he comes out better in the end. Remember the monologue at the beginning of the series? "For it was written that he would be born of fire."

It isn't that they think it's "fun" to torture Lion-O. It's that if everything was handed to him the show would get kinda boring and he'd be a Mary Sue. Tygra always said he should've earned his position as king. Well He's earning it now. He's being torn down to be reborn better than he was before.
I can agree, but the guy lost everything.

When I went to boot camp, they do the same thing. They tear you down and build you back up, but not over and over again.

It will get boring if this is the samething all the time. Other characters need to learn some lessons too.
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