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Originally Posted by BB Shockwave View Post
We do know these other races exist, and I bet we will see them soon, though I am not certain whether they will be working for Mumm-ra or have their own empires and agendas. Certainly, I can see some infighting considering the dominant kingdom has been removed, these other tribes would certainly try to fill their place.
Have we seen Jackals and Monkeys yet? I know there were dogs in the intro sequences but were they Jackals? Where were the other two iconic villainous races? I'm not disappointed just a question as to if they were in the debut reboot and I missed them.

Originally Posted by BB Shockwave View Post
For some odd reason, studios keep cancelling the good shows, while silly plotless stuff like Spongebob keep going forever. Let's hope Thundercats does well with the kids, and the merchandise sells, otherwise we can fear the same.
Amen to that. One of the greatest new concept shows for some time was Sym-Bionic Titan and it was cancelled. Sadly broadcasters rarely merit a show by its actual quality more its viewership.
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