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Originally Posted by AlexofThundera View Post
That's something only the writers could answer honestly. I could see some aspects of the series and certain episodes appealing to children, and others not. I doubt any 6 year old would care about which guy Cheetara ended up with for example. They're still in that "girls, yuck!!" phase at that age.

On the other hand I found "The Forever Bag" episode to be too kiddy but it was a hit in the ratings for young children.
This is where I am confused. I think one group had their ideas and the other had theirs.

Dark, edgy, and mature was what MJ said he wanted the feel of the show to be yet their target crowd was 6-11.

If this is true, then CN was right with the Adult time slot. I think where things slipped up is between WB and MJ. Since the toy line was big, then WB should've made sure MJ change his theme.

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