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Originally Posted by test View Post
yeah ... I noticed that the lunataks started out as a real strong force and then dwindled down to almost nothing. I love it to bits , but there is a real definate shift in quality during season 2 where everything seems to go a bit downhill. The animation improves but the writing loses its grip and becomes very sloppy. I hadnt watched my season 2 for ages and recently went all the way through from season 1 to season 2 , but season 1 still gives me goosebumps even today.

On the subject of the ASOE I suppose if you look into it a bit deeper they need mumm-ra just as much as he needs them because nobody else would really be capable of doing their bidding lol
The Lunataks wrecked the ThunderCats stuff for a long time for sure. It's too bad Skytomb doesn't get talked about more often either. A mobile enemy HQ with an awesome synth-theme that rarely ever appeared in the later seasons.

Not to mention that they were a force with an actual theme as tight as the ThunderCats themselves. Seems like a rare creative commodity only matched by groups like He-Man's Snake Men (but then they didn't have vehicles to go along with that theme like the ThunderCats and Lunataks, what a waste).

I'd love it if the ASoE had an explanation as to why their power is so limited in our universe; particularily in the modern incarnation if it gets another season. They're practically Warhammer 40k Chaos Gods, by the look of it, without all the in-fighting.
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