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One thing I noticed that Lionar didn't mention is that if you take out the electrics board you will find a light restricting dome that looks like a clear white dome with a pinhole in the middle. It easily pops out and allows the Thundercats symbol to light up slightly brighter.

I'm amazed because I did almost the exact same mod as you before seeing this thread. I was going to unscrew the eyes and place magnets on the back of them so I could switch out the eyes on either side, but it wasn't very practicle.

I decided to add a light to the back, but since I can't solder I took the led from a bubble machine fish keychain, ran it to the cats eye, and drilled a hole for the new button on the hilt of the sword. So while I have to push another button to get it to work, my cats eye lights up as well.
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