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It just depends why you collect. Some people are completists by nature and will have a driving "need" to get every figure and every varient of every figure from a specific line. They might branch out to other lines, but they have to have everything of what they collect... that's one type of collector. If that's you, great! If you don't feel that need, you might be a collector who collects for other reasons.

Personally, I collect what I think is neat or cool from lines. Sometimes, that means I collect a full line, sometimes that means I collect 10% of a line. It just depends. In the modern ThunderCats line, these are the figures I do not have and would only buy if I found them really cheap - not because they aren't good, but because they don't strike me as a cool figure. Personal taste.

- 4" Deluxe Lion-O
- 4" Deluxe Tigra
- 4" Deluxe Mumm-Ra
- 4" wave 2 Mumm-Ra
- 4" wave 2 Lion-O
- Lion-O Racer
- Tygra Racer

I have everything else from the modern line with a couple exceptions of things that I am still looking to buy. I'm still looking for:

- 6" Tygra
- 4" Deluxe Slithe
- Mumm-Ra's Storm Charger

I found and bought the 6" Cheetara, Tygus with Flyer, 4" Panthro with robotic arms, 4" Claudus, Armor of Omens (only because it was BOGO free), and the rest of the 4", 6", and 8" figures released so far. I don't feel a need to get the figures I don't have and I don't feel like my collection is "incomplete" by any means. I have 3 things I'm still looking for, but that's it. When I go shopping I look for those and then I look for Avengers figures I don't have, there are some current Star Wars figures I'm collecting, and I'm on the lookout for The Hunger Games figures. The Hunger Games figures are interesting... there are three, but I'm only going to get two... Katniss and Peeta. I think the Gale figure isn't done very well and he doesn't play as much of a role in the first book. I'll wait and see if they come out with a Catching Fire or Mocking Jay version of him before I buy a character. Some people would "need" to buy him if they bought any of the line. That's okay, it's just not me =o)

All just my opinion. It really comes down to what makes you happy and what you like =o)
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