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Originally Posted by PussyCatDoll View Post
Thank you!
You're welcome.

Originally Posted by PussyCatDoll View Post
I check out like the first episode of the OS and it was interesting. Funny how Lion-o grows up in the capsule. I wonder how the Thundercats will give him the talk. Kinda sucks how their planet died but they found other cats later.
By the sounds of it, you weren't weirded out by the first episode, so that's a good sign when it comes to the rest of the series. It's been quite some time since I've seen about half of the show, but I don't remember them ever giving him "the talk". In fact the original Thundercats stayed pretty far away from relationships, other than friendships that is (aka no love triangle). As for the other cats, I can't remember how they were introduced, but I remember it being nice to see more of their race survived the planet's destruction.

Originally Posted by PussyCatDoll View Post
I like the new and old Panthro but I was not born in the golden age of TV cartoons known as the eighties. I was born in '89. :-(
I was born in '88, yet I'm still a fan of a lot of 80's stuff, lol. When it came to Thundercats, I watched the reruns during the early/mid 90's. I want to say it was on Fox Kids, but I'm not entirely sure.

Originally Posted by PussyCatDoll View Post
In the new series, Tygra and Lion-o get on my nerves in the new show but they seem to win my heart every episode. Wilykittens are adorable along with Snarf. I love it when Snarf had an "Oh Crap" face in the Tower of Omens.
Lion-O's continued jealousy gets to me, but at the same time I don't hate him for it. The kittens and Snarf are definitely cute, and Snarf has pulled of some great expressions so far.

Originally Posted by PussyCatDoll View Post
Sadly, my least favorite is Cheetara in the new series. Girls can give encouragement without any physical contact or PDA (Public Display of Affection). I think it's kind of sexist of what the writers portray her as. I hope they don't do the same for Pumyra.
I personally don't dislike her for the way she's chosen to express herself. Part of it may very well be that she has feelings for Lion-O, but doesn't quite no it. I can definitely see how she would come-off as a rather sexist stereotype, but I also think part of it is them wanting to make the audience confused as to her true feelings. Maybe they could have done so a better way. As for Pumyra, I wouldn't be surprised if she was portrayed as a bit of a tomboy. Though we'll have to wait and see.
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