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The climax of the fight was really...anti-climatic. There was some good Lion-O on Mumm-ra action for the first half and then suddenly...the kitkats show up to save the day... Not even Panthro. The kitkats... And then mumm-ra stood around and waited for them to finish summoning everyone and for everyone to stop talking before continuing on to fight. IT REALLY KILLED THE MOOD THERE.

Preferably, what should have happened was Lion-O and Mumm-ra continue their fight without anyone interrupting while everyone else is trying to save the city. The battle isn't going well and Mumm-ra taunts Lion-O saying he's a failure and that he'll watch everyone he loved burn again. And then the kitkats show up with their reinforcements and they help turn the tide of the city WITHOUT interfering with Lion-Os battle.\

For a quick reference of what I mean, read Wheel of Time, book2 ending chapters where Rand and the heroes throw back the Seanchen.
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