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Originally Posted by CreepySariFan View Post
Maybe Eclipse doesn't like MILFs?
Oh hon, how could I not like MILFs when I'm one myself?

I can't be a fan of that particular one not because of how she looks, but because from a mother's point of view that's not the right way to treat a child who is about to become an older sibling. As a parent, you feel like you're betraying your -so far- only child by bringing another into the family with who she/he will have to compete for your attention. And as such, what you do is reassure your kid that your love will not waiver.

Not suddenly change your pet name in a manner that can be construed to signify that he is less than he was before. I'm not going to say she did not love him anymore, but it sure looked like he was down one step in the ladder of her affections. In reality a mother shouldn't be able to choose one over another.

Before I read again that she meant he wasn't the crown prince anymore, she did not call him "my handsome little crown prince". We also know he was still going to be prince, since he is Prince Tygra to this day. She's their mother, she could have called him anything she pleased and could have even upgraded him to big prince with Lion-O inheriting the little prince pet name. She consciously made a decision there to take something from him, and as a mother I can't be a fan.
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