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Originally Posted by Eclipse View Post
All right, at first I thought he was playing a joke on us. Anonymous Incognito is using the same nickname Nick uses in a board at (you can check it out, no sign up necessary). Here, he has repeated arguments stated by the true Nick there. It's only natural I may think they are the same person, and as I said, I thought he wanted to be called upon it. But of course, it had to be a taunt so he could start the name-calling he's so partial to, as well as flaunt his own clique

Last post on the subject, you all can have as many last words as you want. Flood the boards 'till your hearts soar, gentlemen...!

I did read something about an animation club and open/group resources. If it is a group, it is perfectly logical that accounts would be open to more than one person and those accounts would share similar names. It would also account for similar posts; groups do share information.

It seems you are looking for witches in Salem simply because you don't agree with the guy or the group or whatever.

From what i have read on these boards, it is people like you who usually throw the first stones than cry innocence.
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