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Originally Posted by AnonymousIncognito View Post
Balgus tends to overlook facts like things don't have to be a 100% scene by scene, frame by frame, or panel by panel exact match between the show and comic for the crew to have referenced/drawn heavily from the comic.

Heck, look at Alex Haley and Harold Courlander. Haley "referenced" (plagiarized) 81 passages of Courlanders book "The African" to write "Roots" even though Haley swore he'd never read "The Aftrican" before. It was later proven that Haley had in fact read it and did in fact own a copy prior to writing "Roots" which is why "Roots" always will be classified as fiction.

Just because certain Crew members claim the comic isn't being used doesn't mean it isn't being used. The TC Crew seem to love "misdirection" so one must take everything they say with a grain of salt.

A lot of people tend to make the same mistake Balgus did. It's quite common.

You make a good point about Alex Haley and "Roots."

One could also cite shows like "Revenge" which heavily references "The Count de Monte Cristo."
You can see all the characters from the Dumas classic are there but they aren't dressed the same nor are the genders the same.
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