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Originally Posted by hollowdheart View Post
i don't get why lion-o would take romance tips from anyone. or want to get with Pumyra. maybe it's just me, but i wouldn't want a relationship with someone who beat the crap out of me. or being in a relationship after the last one was a whole thing of mixed signals and stuff. how would he know if she's really interested?
I agree with you. She's kind of crazy. I see her paired with Tygra better but who knows. When Bengali joins the crew, I wonder if it will effect her or Cheetara since in the comics or OS that there were hints Bengali and Pumyra are pretty close. I heard it from somewhere but that would make a very interesting episode. I know Cheetara meets another man name Pumm-ra in the OS but he turns out to be Mumm-ra in disguise. She did drops some hints like touching his face and saying he could move on to someone else. Either way, it will be hard to know since he thought Cheetara did touch him more than a mentor to student-kind. Even her mixed signals fooled Tygra!
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