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Originally Posted by AnonymousIncognito View Post
A lot of fans feel she and Tygra would have made the better pairing that's a discussion better reserved for PM's so eggshells don't have to be walked on.
Heck I can see both of them yelling at Lion-o he's doing a bad job or he is acting like a child than a king. And than they realize they have something to share like in the movie Stepbrothers:

Pumyra: Hey Lion-o, grow up you big whiny cat!

Tygra: That's what I thought! On the count of three, name one cat that deserves a wedgie.

Pumyra and Tygra: Lion-o!

Tygra: Most skilled at?

Pumyra and Tygra: Marksmanship!

Tygra: If you were a dude, which cat would you date?

Pumyra & Tygra: Cheetara!

Pumyra: WHAT?!

Tygra: Did we just become best friends?

Pumyra: Yup!
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