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Mumm-ra should just pay Ponzi to slip the guys some catnip. So when he faces Lion-O, he'll be all purring and rubbing up on the Sword of Omens.

Lion-O: I need some help to get in with Pumyra.
Ponzi: Ah yes, try these Sweetarts.
Lion-O: What will they do?
Ponzi: One of these will make her very lax and easy going for fun.
Lion-O: I'll try it.
*Sometime later.*
Lion-O: Oh right, now to talk with Pumyra. *Searches pockets.* Hey where are they?
Cheetara: Lion-O you have to come check this out.
*Lion-O sees Wilykit and Wilykat out of their clothes chasing Snarf around the Thundertank.*
Wilykat: You're not going to get away.
Snarf: *Yea*
Wilykit: I feel so free. Hey, Lion-O. *Hugs Lion-O.*
Lion-O: Hey, Wilykit.
Wilykit: Let's get married so I can be a queen in a beautiful dress.
Lion-O: Sure. Sounds great.
Wilykit: *Kisses Lion-O on the cheek and runs off to Pumyra to tell her she's engaged to Lion-O.*
Cheetara: *Snicker* I never seen them act like that.
Lion-O: Yeah, I think it might be.....
Panthro: Hey can someone get him off me.
Wilykat: *Hugging on Panthro's leg.* Will you be my daddy?
Panthro: Uh....*Looks at Lion-O nodding his head in yes.* Yeah, I'll be your new dad.
Wilykat: Hooray, I'm going to tell sis that we have a new dad.
Panthro: What is wrong with them?
Lion-O: I think they got into my Sweetarts.
*Panthro and Cheetara have a shocked and disgusted look.*
*Outside the Thundertank.*
Snarf: *Happy and loving.*
Tygra: Really, you got no one else you can bother.

Ponzi: This elixir will allow you to see things in the past.
Lion-O: I'll try it. *Drinks it. and then looks at the group seeing them in their 80s look.*
Snarf: Hey Lion-O.
Lion-O: Hey Snarf.
Snarf: Did you brush your teeth, make up your bed, and wash up? Snarf.
Lion-O: What?
Snarf: Oh Lion-O, what am I going to do with you? Snarf Snarf. Your father would be so disappointed in you. Snarf
Lion-O: I'm not a kid anymore! And quit saying your name, you're not a Pokemon.
Pumyra: Why is Lion-O yelling at Snarf?
Tygra: I think he finally lost it.

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