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Originally Posted by Sining View Post
it feels like they're just pairing people off now because they can be paired off. See the end of young justice s1. What next? A female panther for panthro will be introduced?
Originally Posted by stormbringer View Post
I can't believe this show is attempting "romance" again. They really need to stick with making the show a straight forward action/adventure. The "flower" incident proved romance isn't their forte.

To me it feels like they are pandering to specific cliques instead of being fair to all fans. One of the reasons the OS was so great was it didn't need to have moronic Twilight style romances in it. The OS could stand on its own whereas this reboot needs crutches, stints, a walker, pins and rods yet it still keeps falling down.

Nah, Panthro is just going to have the Berbils put in a Fleshlight add-on for him in the ThunderTank.

Odds are they are trying again at romance because they did such an abject failure the first time. The crew wants to prove to all the fans that when they screw the pooch, they go all out.
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