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overall an okay episode .....i don't know whether this was filler or not because of mum-ra's presence. i wasn't too thrilled with the episode but the scene with liono fighting that monster with the Os theme was awesome. i must say, here we go again with this romance crap, i don't want to sound like a jerk, but one couple for now is enough damn it. so all of a sudden liono likes her and he is trying to charm her, when last two episodes ago she was the aggressor. this series is really pissing me off, there is about three more episodes till the season finale, and this is what the writers choose to come up with. i honestly expected the plot to move a whole lot more forward this episode since we are nearing the end of the season. so im guessing the stones and loss of the Sword of Plundar isn't the much of a concern for the cats, but romance takes priority over everything. i don't think im demanding too much when i say can we get a little bit more going in the main plot of the series.
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