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Originally Posted by stac View Post
Have the writers gone absolutely mad? What in the world did I just see?! Are these people trying to get this show cancelled?

What was the point of this episode? To show us once again how terrible the writers are at “romance?”

I need some time to recuperate.
And I thought I was the only one who went "What the bloody hell happened here?" :P

I think I've seen every cliche in history in that one episode. I'm sure folks would agree to disagree with me on that one. (Debate me if you will, my opinion will not be swayed, sorry). Parts were funny, I agree, but when I look at the big picture I just went, UGH....

Then Razer and Aya (from GL The animated Series) saved it for me in a way. Mind you I don't follow this series too much but I love those two (Off topic, sorry)
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