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It doesn't bode well that the best thing about this episode (and others) is the throw back to the OS with the Lion-o sequence with old school score. My nine year old son hates the romantic stuff and so do I. Who in the world is the target audience? I don't like to be negative about writers, ect. because I'm sure it's hard but come on...who gives the green light for this stuff? It feels like to me that they are trying to be an all things to all demographics cartoon. Unfortunately they are alienating all. It breaks my heart. It seems to me it didn't have to be this way. I just don't understand, it's basic marketing. Maybe somehow it was all supposed to make sense in season 2 or 3 or however they are doing that but my fear is they won't see the light of day and it's gonna go down as a flop. Thundercats deserved better...all I can say. Here's hoping they still have a chance to get it!
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