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Originally Posted by CCDustyV View Post
Cheetara is no victim, there's no way she can be that dim not to have known the game she was playing. Pumyra is impressed by his fighting skills. This is going to end badly for the Lion O, just like Cheetara's douchebag boyfriend said at the first of the ep. And what kind of horrible person would say that to his girlfriend anyway? there's no excuse. I don't understand how ANYONE can be a fan of this character. Slythe has more redeeming qualities.
Cheetara was trying to be a friend to Lion-O in a time where he literally lost everything and had a huge burden placed on him. After that he took the group on a suicide mission to hunt a giant creature.

The whole is she in love with me or not can be debated, the main fault point is that no one asked. Lion-O or Tygra could have asked Cheetara since they had all the time in the world walking together, camping, and etc.

Lion-O has been a douchebag on a number of occasions all the way up to the Trials. Then it fizzled down to a small amount only to flare up a bit when he clashes with Pumyra.

Lion-O doesn't have a good track record with the ladies. He'll ogle any girl he finds attractive. He treated Cheetara with scorn about the whole choosing Tygra and the betrayal prophecy that elephant monk put in his head. Finally, he tried to slip Pumyra a drug to get close to her.
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