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Originally Posted by monothingie View Post
You're right to point out that it's been poorly executed, because it is. (Even Tygra and Cheetara agree with you) This entire relationship seems designed to be something that is not meant to be.

Look at Pumyra's character in the beginning of this episode, she should be at least a little happy considering the progress that has been made freeing the slaves and what not, but she isn't. She's is still brooding about something. Possibly something that's missing or lost in her life. (Flashback to the cell scene in the Pit). That missing thing could be another person (cough, cough Bengali) who I am betting will make an appearance before the end of the the season.

Right now this entire relationship, (if it is one) is very one-sided, add a lost flame an the entire "problem" goes away.

That or they kill her off.
Well they did say she was leaving. I am fine with Bengali. He will probably be awesome in combat and sweep her off her feet.

Why didn't lion-o do this stuff with cheetara. Oh that is right, the writers didn't want too.

You saw her look at the end of the episode, it was like the same look she gave him when she told him not to get mushy.
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