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Originally Posted by Singe View Post
Just to remind you that Lion-O also died right before their eyes, Tygra was King, and Lion-O came back from the dead. They continue to follow Lion-O. You don't see Tygra still in charge since Lion-O was legally dead losing his claim to the throne.

Claudis could come back from the dead and reclaim the throne, since Lion-O did it.
You'll notice I've already addressed this in my initial post. Lion-O fell into a river and didn't come up. They never saw him die. WE AS VIEWERS saw him die because we were able to see underwater. Claudis otoh took a dagger/knife to the torso, had a dying moment and then closed his eyes and died. There was still plausible deniability for Lion-Os death, look at how kit was saying over and over again that Lion-O would come for them. Notice how no one does that for Claudis -_-

2ndly, unless Jaga's spirit somehow mysteriously appears in the sky saying 'Oh hey, Claudis? Yeah, he's back', I doubt the cats would be that trusting. But considering how stupid the cats have acted before (and the writing seems to portray them), it may not be too far off the mark
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