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Originally Posted by KaleRylan View Post
Okay, I'm sure others will disagree (I did read some of the posts, but not all three pages), but as far as I'm concerned, THAT is what a Thundercats episode should be.

It was pretty funny and weird - Pumyra's face (hilarious by itself, but I loved that for the first half of the episode, it was just THERE. That was great) Ponzi's potion caused some fun reactions in the townspeople, and then love potion Tygra was pretty hilarious.

It had some of the best fight choreography the series has EVER had - Lion-o flipping about and using the beam in the first godzilla fight, the second fight almost everyone got a chance to shine; lion-o lightning sword, panthro with the tank, etc.

Lion-o gave the battle-cry: I have been waiting for that this whole 'season'

Yeah there was some kind of odd relationship stuff with Lion-o and Pumyra, but I didn't find it as truly frustrating as some of the triangle stuff. Just side-stuff.
My thoughts exactly
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