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Originally Posted by SirSapphire View Post
Except they've said no such thing, they've said that she has several episodes dedicated to her, and that she's sticking around for a bit, but not that they have any concrete plans to remove her from the show or even the core group. The most likely plan is to have her finish out the season and then see how popular she is with the kids and fans before making any more plans for her in a second season.
Bengali hasn't even been mentioned by the crew since initial interviews before the show even aired. Dan even posted old art of him from his comic book pitch as a way to throw the fans a bone because he's just not in this season.

And he didn't know any better. He doesn't want there to be the same confusion he had with Cheetara, and coming out of the trials has a "show, don't tell" personality. Besides, he doesn't think she's the type to talk about feelings. Right or wrong he still owes it to both of them to just ask.

It's not in any way the same look.

She told him not to get mushy when she was still calling him by title and thought she was just another subject, now she knows that she's more important than that.
I don't think she will be with them much longer. She is not a core character.

Second season? They may not get it.

I talking about expression with her right brow.

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