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Originally Posted by Mum Star View Post
I don't think we're going to have any sort of thing where Bengali shows up and steals Pumrya from Lion-O, and here's why.
1- It's a repeat of Tygra getting Cheetara. I don't think they'd repeat the same thing over again.
2- It makes Pumrya seem like a very awful charecter. She'd have led on Lion-O way worse than Cheetara ever had.
3- It would send the message to the boys that girls will always dump you for Tigers.
There aren't many tigers going to school, so my guess is boys around the world needn't worry about that

Originally Posted by Mum Star View Post
If the sword of omens gets broken, then I figure Bengali will show up.
If that were to happen I'd prefer for Hattanzo to show up and fix it. That was his trade after all, Bengali could come along with him as an apprentice: it's not that I don't like the tiger, but I'd much rather see the Drifter again.
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