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Originally Posted by KaleRylan View Post
As for Mumm-ra, despite being a weird example, this episode was good for making him seem more of a threat. There was an epic battle that was well-animated and well fought, and the cats lost, only being saved by an outside factor. True, they didn't have to retreat and it wasn't Mumm-ra's normal form, but it did at least help show that Mumm-ra CAN defeat them, which is something that was becoming iffy.
I accept your points but respectfully disagree.

In “Trials Part 2,” Mumm-Ra runs away after being defeated by Lion-O in his pyramid where he was supposed to be “immeasurably powerful.”

Lion-O then beats a Plunn-Darr wielding Mumm-Ra in “Birth of the Blades,” who then flees because of the sunlight (outside factor?).

Then Mumm-Ra was beaten by this:

For a supposedly super-evil antagonist, things couldn’t possibly get worse than that. Mumm-Ra gets an F- in Villainy 101.
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