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Originally Posted by fuukonomiko View Post
Mumm-Ra needs to take a cue from Amon (LoK) or Naraku (InuYasha) or even the original Mumm-Ra who is likely turning over in his crypt.

POKEMON I tell you. Maybe they should all hitch up that butterfly, head over to Mumm-Ra's pyramid and just get it over with. Its easier than trying to find the War Stone.
I agree.
In The Legend of Korra, Amon’s characterisation is handled so well. The aura of sophistication, power and fear that he projects is really well done. And it took them barely 6 episodes to do so. Compared to that, Mumm-Ra is downright pathetic.

The Legend of Korra writers at the helm of ThunderCats – that I really want to see!
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