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Originally Posted by Big Snarf View Post
A bigger WTF twist would be if cheetara is the sleeper agent. She was going for the sword on her own until tygra tagged along. And nothing about her past has been shown with three episodes left

What's worse, I'd actually love that. I don't think it's going to happen, but Dark Cheetara would be way cooler than Dark Tygra. He's been more than halfway there anyway.

Originally Posted by Mum Star View Post
Actually what I'd like to see would be for the Cat's to find Hattanzo to fix it... But he can't as only members of a certain liniage can work the metal the Sword is made of. Then they find Bengali, who is of the liniage... But he feels he lacks the skill to repair the sword. Then Hattanzo and Bengali work together to fix it.
This works perfectly for me. Not that they've ever cared about what works for me, but hey

Originally Posted by stac View Post
I agree.
In The Legend of Korra, Amon’s characterisation is handled so well. The aura of sophistication, power and fear that he projects is really well done. And it took them barely 6 episodes to do so. Compared to that, Mumm-Ra is downright pathetic.

The Legend of Korra writers at the helm of ThunderCats – that I really want to see!
In this, I can't but agree. They are two completely different villains, but Amon does give me the creeps with all of his mystic evilness while NS Mumm-Ra just doesn't.

As if to prove the point, last week we watched the Trials again and I noticed that while my 5YO dives under a piece of furniture every time OS Mumm-Ra transforms, she doesn't when NS does. Something's definitely missing there.
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