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Originally Posted by nickanu View Post
I like this episode I know it was a filler but those can be good episodes despite what y’all think. If they just stuck to the main story the series would probably be over by now. Fillers help give you a better feel for the main characters (when done right.)
And of course this one’s main theme was the search for immortality, which always leads to a good story.
Only problem I have with this one is when Lion-o mentioning losing they’re humanity…..I don’t know if it was the right word for a cat to use, but I guess I’m just splitting hairs. ^v^

The best thing by far no goofy relationship nonsense…
I liked this episode too. I'm not sure it was a filler-filler. I think it rather hints on the connection between the book of omens and technology. I also think it highlights that the cats are now going to start embracing this technology thing and maybe use it to help defeat Mumm-Ra. Apparently they can't use magic and their skills alone.

Plus I loved Mecha Tygra, too bad he didn't get to keep any of his mecha parts. That would have been beyond awesome.
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