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Just watched it. First impressions: What the hell did I just watch? Thundercats or a completely different series with characters and aspects from Thundercats? I felt like the Soul Sever is a character one of the writers or DN had in mind for a while and decided to use Thundercats to tell his story. All well and good except that were in the last stretch of the season and there are still so many things unexplained / unresolved. It just didn't "feel" like Thundercats.

I'll watch it again later but just so many things that left me shaking my head like why didn't Lion-O use Sight Beyond Sight to try and get more info on the Soul Sever before going after him? It's like in one episode they show you what the sword and stone(s) can do, then in the next they completely forget about them. Tygra becoming an out of control machine? Get the hell out of here with that crap.... The BoO being "tech" doesn't really appeal to me much either.

I liked Flicker tho, that was pretty much it.
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