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Originally Posted by BB Shockwave View Post
This is stupid reasoning, sorry. Tygra obviously no longer wants the crown, as evident in a lot of episodes since the Trials. He has seen the responsibility Lion-O has to take every day, and let's not forget how his short leadership ended... Besides, after they both learned of Tygra's original parents and the reason he desired the throne so much, it seems both have come to terms with their current status.
Character development on this show seems to mean very little. If the plot requires it then Tygra will simply forget all the “lessons” he has learned.

In one of the earlier episodes, Lion-O referred to the “darkness” in his brother. I can understand if some consider this as foreshadowing. Then, in “Between brothers,” Mumm-Ra manipulated Tygra into almost killing Lion-O. It wouldn’t be that much of a far cry to speculate that Mumm-Ra could manipulate Tygra and make him turn to the “dark side.”
Although, I would hope that if the writers choose to go this way, they do so in a believable manner.

Tygra does (and will) tease Lion-O, but more like as an older brother who wants to keep him on his toes.
Tease? I would consider some of the comments that he's thrown at Lion-O to be borderline bullying. I, for one, would feel incredibly hurt if I had an older brother who's said some of the things Tygra has. There's a difference between teasing and being nasty, and Tygra seems to heavily lean towards the latter at times.

Quote: it is an ancient cliche you'd expect to see in fan fiction and run-of-the-mill anime...
Quite an apt description for many aspects of this show. Where have you been for the last few episodes?
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