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Originally Posted by BB Shockwave View Post
I wonder now where the other stone could be. Maybe a giant flying fortress, a smaller ship from Mumm-ra's pyramid that remained aloft? But who is throwing out the junk? Given how we haven't seen any flying contraptions so far, my only guess is only the birds could have reached it... So I am suspecting we might meet Vultureman (obviously, under a new name) in the next episode. He was always the tech-guy of the old show's mutants, would make sense if he found this ship and started tinkering with it.

Regarding the Soul Sever himself, I was a bit unclear what he was. He was shown to be able to cry, so... is he part organic still under the mask? The Necromechs turned him into a cyborg, but refused to put the souls of his family into purely mechanical bodies... maybe that's as far as they dared to go.

Btw, WOW, so much hate on this board. I bet you'd be more lenient towards the show if this was the upteenth reimagining of it, like with Batman or Transformers. I mean, I never liked Transformers Energon or The Batman much, compared to Beast Wars or Batman TAS. But I did not go out of my way to kick into the show every time I can. I have been watching the new Thundercats since episode 1, and the only episode I did not like so far was 23. All the rest, I enjoyed, I sometimes even watched them multiple times (especially since I am translating/subbing them to Hungarian). And btw, the show has had a very positive reception in my country. I feel the writing is strong, the seasons are obviously planned out well in advance. As they said, they are practically 13-episode long 'movies'. Unlike Transformers Prime, where the first season was like a 5-part opener and a 3-part ender, with everything in between never hinting at the stuff they pulled out of their tailpipe in the last episode (Unicron, Prime being an ex-Con, Matrix, Vector Sigma, 13 Primes, etc...) And that's in a 26-episode season. Thundercats' 24 episodes so far are each very memorable, while I can remember each story, I tend to forget Prime's stories, so little happens in them, they mesh together in my memory.
Transformers and Bat man have many reboots. When they brought romance in this they were playing with fire especially how it was done. If this is killed, how many more years do we wait for another reboot?

The writing has been bad. The cats forget their powers or do not talk about what happen in the last episode. I am sorry, I am not a TCat boy who likes everything.

Another thing, they said they like to not explain things and leave it up to us to figure it out. That is poor writing and lazy writing. If they are aiming at kids 6-11, you have to explain somethings.

I think we all knew the stone was in the sky.

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