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Originally Posted by Thunderian scholar View Post
well, I admit this is a weak episode. Very well animated, but somewhat leading nowhere - I wonder where the Wileys are and what Pumyra and Cheetara did…

Hope Will Friedle comes up with a better story!
I thought the episode helped explain why the Book of Omens was pointing like it did. No doubt the next few episodes are going into new vehicles for the Cats, new races to meet, and lets us see more the the technological angle of the show in what has been a relatively fantasy dominated scene.

The only thing I felt was off was the fact that Lion-O's sudden "hate" of technology. Totally out of character, but I still love this show regardless of the hiccups; no show has never had any flaws. I can only embrace a show in hopes that it will get significantly better as time goes and budgets are hopefully increased (look at Young Justice).

I really want a Tygra/Akira bot toy right now too. I luvs me some ORANGE robots.

Anyone else notice the Predator heartbeat sound effect when the Soul Sever used its thermal vision?

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