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Originally Posted by Pravus Prime View Post
There's a lot of things that aren't my cup of tea. When it occurs, I'm fine to part ways and accept that there are people who like it, I'm just not one of them.

Very soldomly there are exceptions, like my mountain of frustrations about the way MattyCollector is and has been run (I further think it should be studied in modern business classes at the college level as how not to run a web business).

With the last episode, as I said, I would've thrown in the towel and parted ways with this show were there not a mere 3 episodes remaining. I figured I'd just finish the season and we'd go our seperate ways, so to say.

After this episode, I apologize to you fans of this show out there, but I want this series cancelled. I want it to be remembered as a colossal failure and used as a warning to future series about how not to reboot a series. Because at this point, as far as I can tell, that would be the best service this series could accomplish.
Your honesty is commendable. I have been a fan of Thundercats since I was a child. No other "fictional universe" has my heart like Thundercats does, and even I have to admit that there have been moments during this NS that I have wished it wouldn't have been rebooted. Its hard to see something you love so much be so mistreated. It reminds me of how I felt watching the American Godzilla being the TOHO Godzilla fan that I am.

Truth be told I have never liked the way WB has handled the line and it would seem Thundercats has further ended up in the wrong hands as far as toys and writers go. I just can't see a true die hard Thundercats fan like the writers of the NS say they are turning Tygra into a freakin Transformer.

They practically give this Soul Sever his own episode, yet only give us like 6 minutes of screen time for the Driller and destroy him as well.... Good job guys.

Still I remain hopeful.

Sorry for ranting guys.
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