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The show as a whole is great. The biggest flaw with it is that it doesnt know build up. I could watch nearly ANY of the originals as a stand alone (not looking at this with nostalgic glasses) and see what everyones role is, why they are doing what their doing, and feel good about the outcome.

The new series gives you this huge arc wich is great, but stick to the story. Make us see why mumm-ra is a threat. Other than killing Claudus its been all cheep parlor tricks and bird flying with him.

Mumm-Ra is THE boss in the old show. He was the epicenter of fear and threat. (he had a TON of dead people in the basement in Thundercats Ho! Part 4! Thats terrifying!!!!!) He is a but a background guy here in a race to find stuff. Why couldnt he destroy the thundertank during the book fiasco.... it coulda just added something.

I enjoy the show, and really think its one of the best out there, its just a shame that they have guys with unlimited adventures on their hand, and keep it so grounded. Its THUNDERCATS.... remember the guys that ended up in other galaxy's!? But they choose to keep it so tightly wound. I could see why kids wouldnt like it though, it doesnt use alot of imagination...... example......

Kid1 : Wanna play Thundercats?
Kid2 : Yeah.... Im Tygra your Lion-O.
1: I need to find the stones!!
2: Yeah, so you can be the lord of the thundercats!
1: I am the lord...
2 : Oh....
1: Yeah, dad got killed.
2 : Oh...... thats depressing
1 : You stole my woman
2 : Im sad now.
1 : Lets go watch ninja turtles.......

The best way to save the series..... season 2, change the writing team, build the tiger flyer, go into space get all the last stone (keep the book pointing up, and get them confused!!) rebuild thundera (with some tech from the silverhawks who they met in space!),KILL the mutants (no other way around it) fight mumm-ra IN thundera, have the Ancient Spirits exile him (The last day) and end the series there.

Should they ever want to go back and revisit the series they could have the lunatacks enter for a totally new series set 5 years later. Do NOT bring them back here, the bad guys are a MESS as is.
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