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Originally Posted by CreepySariFan View Post

The only thing I felt was off was the fact that Lion-O's sudden "hate" of technology. Totally out of character, but I still love this show regardless of the hiccups; no show has never had any flaws. I can only embrace a show in hopes that it will get significantly better as time goes and budgets are hopefully increased (look at Young Justice).
Not out of character- in the second episode, Lion-O remarked how he always liked technology, and now it is causing the end of Thundera.

I was also surprised at the re-introduction of Jorma. Here is a character I never thought we'd see again!

And man, Jeffrey Combs can be so great when he is given good lines. Reminded me a lot of the Question from JLU here rather then Ratchet in Prime.

Anyone else notice the Predator heartbeat sound effect when the Soul Sever used its thermal vision?
Heh, did not notice that, good call! I liked the explanation Lion-O gave him that Tygra got bored and left... kinda would expect this to happen more often during long expositions in cartoons.
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