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I don’t hate the show… in fact I watch it as many times as I can. But I guess I had high expectations for the new Thundercats and it isn’t meeting any.

This show does have good qualities, but it let the bad qualities shadow the good ones. Characterization is very poor in my opinion. The only two characters I love are WilyKit and Kat. Both of them are constantly reminding themselves of their ultimate destination; Eldora. Both of them had done a great sacrifice… giving up the people they love. That to me is first class. Same can’t be said for Cheetara. She went from someone who could have been a great mentor and protector for Lion-O to someone I can’t describe without disrespecting girls. Yes, I do agree… Tygra had the potential character development until the writers decided to turn him into the shows “b****”. Panthro was great until they turned him to Mr. Fantastic. What’s wrong with regular mechanical arms? I mean if Jax of Mortal Kombat can pull it off why can’t the same for Panthro? Everything is poor after the second half of Season 1 (or season 2 as some call this).

First 13 episodes were awesome. No words to describe. I cried like a baby at the end of “Song of the Petalars”. That was just brilliant. I really enjoyed the first 13 episodes… and then they went ahead and ruined it. To quote Angry Video Game Nerd… “What Were They Thinking!?!”

I have a horrible, horrible feeling that season 1 is the end-of-the-line for the show. I felt really sad when they cancelled G. I. Joe: Renegades. Sadly, I won’t feel the same for the Thundercats.
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