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Originally Posted by Kregermeister View Post
As a fan, it kinda worries me that I can pull a better story arc out of thin air, because I live, eat, sleep and breathe thundercats since 1985. It is the core of my childhood so its important. This is what the show is missing as a writer... dedication with direction.
Remember that when they first announced the new series we were led to believe that the writers were exactly these types of people / fans. Hearing / reading that I felt relieved and excited that they (WB) had finally done right by Thundercats and that we were in for some serious awesomeness with this NS.

Look where we are now.

On a side note my friend who works with me asked me if I had watched last Saturdays episode. When I said yeah he said "man, I really wish they would get back to the main story already." This is coming from a "casual" fan who doesn't even know these fan forums exist.

Now imagine children (the target audience) who are watching Thundercats for the first time. They must be lost as all heck.
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