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Originally Posted by fuukonomiko View Post
They do have the same head shape and in some ways hair pattern, all you have to do is extend Tygra's sideburns and hair length in the back. Their facial markings are very similar too.

Why do you think Lion-O is attracted to her? She reminds him of his brother

I am sooooooooooo going to get flamed for that.....Eeep
I'm not going to flame you, I'm too busy laughing. Maybe Cheetara can get a makeover that makes her look more like Lion-O and Tygra can tell her how hot it makes her look.

I'm honestly not sure what the heck they are doing with Tygra. He did spend several episodes bieng the butt monkey. Actually I'm more dissapointed with the fact he hasn't developed past his jerkisness with Lion-O despite several things that should have let him. And that some of the other Cat's haven't had much development.
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