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Originally Posted by unicronic View Post
When Tigra first whips the mob trying to lynch the lizards the music is a subtle homage to the original Thundercats theme.
Did not notice that one. Have to check it.

Originally Posted by unicronic View Post
- Is Panthro really dead?
Better question: Is Jaga really dead? Jaga's fate is one of those left open deaths. We just assume he's dead becuse he died in the original. You don't see him die this time. I don't care to much eitherway as long as I get hear Corey Burton talk epic some more.

Originally Posted by unicronic View Post
western animators
I assume you meant "made for Western audiences" like most people. Like so many other "Western animations" it was animated in Japan by Studio 4C to be exact. They can do such great work and this is one of them.

Anyways, tangent time.

I dislike how much the term anime is just thrown around these days. I particular dislike when in an interview for a show clearly made for Western audiences, they are be all to happy to call their show anime. Why? Because it was animated in Japan. By that logic, Ducktale is an anime.

Now, if we want to get technical, Ducktales is an anime. In Japan, anime just means animation. So Ducktales and Gundam are all refered to as anime.

Back in the days when Japanese animation was still new to the US, "anime" was a simple way of saying it was imported from Japan. Now with so many things claiming to be anime, it's lost a lot of it's meaning. It's to that point where I think it needs to just become a synonym for cartoon and animation like the real meaning of the word and cut out all this nonsense about anime being special.

Sorry for going off on a tangent there. That's not aimed at anyone. I just got into rant mode for a bit there.
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