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Lion-O / Cheetara is such a 'famous' ship, that in the cartoon, they never even kissed each other, or professed their love for each other, or anything. Has to be a reason even the Wildstorm comic married Cheetara with Tygra and not Lion-O...

But why talk about this stupid argument endlessly. I am more interested in seeing more thundercats in the show. Like, Lynxana the Huntress... does anyone even remember her? Her motivations (not getting to lead her clan due to being female) and resentment of her brother do remind me of Tygra's feelings towards Lion-O.[/QUOTE]

Wildstorm just made up a story line that didn't fit with the OS at all. As to how they claim it was a continuation of the show is a mystery If lyxanna were to be in this show I think she would fit in leo's story line better
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