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Originally Posted by Silverback View Post
I copied and pasted this DVD description from Amazon. This wasn't in the review section but actual details & description. It's like they don't want it to sell. I'm starting to believe the conspiracy theories.


Anywho, bought book 2 at Walmart yesterday and pre-orders are up for book 3 wich includes the final 10 episodes. I hope we at least get a feature length wrap up if not a season 2.

I know that sent me a suggestion email to buy these because I've purchased my other ThunderCats DVD's they promote what they think people want based on their previous purchases.

I bought book 2 and pre-ordered book 3 from which I was happy to even see book 3 out there at all. At least I'll have the entire first season.. still have my fingers crossed for a 2nd season or a wrap up at least...especially after reading some of the toy news, maybe there's still some hope. Maybe.
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