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Originally Posted by NinSage View Post
hi all. I'm new here!

I was a big fan of the "OS" back in the 80s and now I'm crazy about the new show.

I joined the forum specifically to ask about Tygra being both not lion-y and not next in line for the throne if he is older. Looks like this thread has answered my question with the fact that he is adopted.

If I'm not mistaken, we haven't seen anything in the episodes themselves that says this, right? In other words, they will probably reveal that backstory in a future, flash-back drenched, episode, right? For now, we are still probably supposed to be confused about all that, no?

Thanks in advance!
In the premiere, Grune made a comment about the bloodline, which makes it obvious that Tygra was adopted, but in a more subtle way. Though I do hope they delve into it in a future episode. Would be interesting to find out the reason Claudus adopted him. Would also be a chance to introduce Lion-O's mother, and reveal whatever happened to her.
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