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Thunder Kitty
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I think 3-4 seasons would be perfect.

Even though I enjoy being able to watch a show "indefinitely," I find it's much more important that said show maintain its quality 'til the end.

you can watch a great 3 or 4 season show as many times as you want and probably will notice new things each time. But a show with 4 good seasons and 2 awful seasons will leave a bitter taste in the end.

I can't wait to see what a new Bengali will look/be like. Not sure what it is about those tigers but Tygra and Bengali have always been my favorites!

QUESTION: Tygra needs/uses his whip to turn invisible right?

A) In the "Old Friends" episode I know he goes invisible at some point but I don't remember seeing him bust out the whip when he did. Can't anyone confirm/deny this?

B) Is it the whip that is special or Tygra? In other words, if Panthro used the whip would he turn invisible? Could Tygra use something else to turn invisible?

Thoughts? ^_^
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