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I probably should have looked at everything first before just commenting on how awesome everything looks. I think the classics look amazing. They do what I think MOTUC does, which is to capture the classic look with a modern twist. Great job I must say.

THe modern line, I'm not as big of a fan, but the quality definitely shows here. To me this figures show more muscle, like Tony said, and not just scrawny figures like Joes and SW. They have great detail, great articulation, and are good homages to the original. The tank definitely shows promise, but I'll hold judgment until I can see what it can do. The tower on the other hand I don't like at all. It reminds me of LOTR with Sauron's eye, and the head looks more like a snake than cat.

Overall I love the fact that this franchise is getting so much attention and I welcome anything new with it. The new characters sound interesting and I think the show will be really good. I wish to have seen more in the classics line, but I guess I have to wait to, what, SDCC probably.
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