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Originally Posted by AnonymousIncognito View Post
Balgus tends to overlook facts like things don't have to be a 100% scene by scene, frame by frame, or panel by panel exact match between the show and comic for the crew to have referenced/drawn heavily from the comic.
Having one couple together and one character that's the same species as another is not "drawing heavily." From that rationale the Drifter was obviously a rip-off of Bugs Bunny and the Petelars copy Swamp Thing.

Frankly there's no reason for them to lie about it. Your example was someone who plagiarized another book. This is a reboot. Warner Brothers owns the rights to all the Thundercats characters including the ones from the comics as WB owns DC. They don't have to lie to protect themselves against plagiarizing because it's the same franchise and their company already owns the characters. If they wanted to use the characters from those comics they could without having to change the name, design, and personalities to do it.

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