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I told you guys this was going to bomb. You can look back at my old posts. I had a bad feeling about it since the first time I saw it. Unfortunately I'm usually always right. I could just feel it. This wasn't going to work. They did everything wrong right from the start.

It's too bad because I really liked the new show. I wanted it to succeed. I'm sick & tired of Star Wars, GI Joe & Transformers being shoved down our throats constantly. It was nice to see one of my old lines from the 80's return.

But the designs on most of the characters totally sucked. The toys were horrible. And they only made Lion-O & Tygra for the classic line. Then they screwed around with the scale of the Classics line & released another Lion-O. One mistake after another. They did everything wrong & I knew it would fail. It was really easy to predict (for me anyway).

I refused to buy any of it until they made classic Cheetara & Panthro. If they couldn't at least make the original 4 main characters then I knew it was a line to be avoided & destined to fail.

The toys are piled up at my Toys R Us on clearance & not moving at all. I saw a new Panthro statue yesterday. It was huge. I'll keep checking back but I bet it won't sell.

Originally Posted by Joe Moore View Post
At least not on this version of Thundercats.
Hopefully they'll work on a new version & somebody will get it right. But if Bandai makes the toys forget it! Bandai makes shitty figures. They just look cheap & crappy, like dollar store garbage.

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