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Originally Posted by Steevy Maximus View Post
I have to agree. As much as I like Renegades, or how I think Transformers Prime is okay, Thundercats is pretty much blowing away damn near every "serious" action cartoon out there right now, including the overrated Clone Wars and Young Justice.

For a 22 minute cartoon, this episode had more "heart" than entire SERIES ever hope to get. But they also aren't stretching some of this stuff out. Had this been produced by an entirely Japanese writing staff, you can bet the last two episodes would have been stretched out for half a dozen or more episodes to cover the same material.

I do feel it a bit unfortunate that the "big surprise" at the end was basically spoiled so heavily for the sake of the fans and ratings. Though it probably snagged more people into watching an otherwise great episode in doing so

This episode also reinforces my entirely unsubstantiated belief the production crew and series artists "stole" some talent from Studio Ghibli. The Petalars feel like something you'd see in one of their films.
Alright, I have to agree. Watching all of those I do feel like this one I enjoy the most which is probably why I'm the most critical of it. I like TF: Prime but it gets too boring a lot of the time and even though Renegades is the first time I've been interested in 'Joes it still doesn't hook me in like TC. Mmh.

I think YJ gets it's fanfare just because of a huge new fanbase that can't wait for new all

But yeah I'm gonna agree with you on that.
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