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If only things like this would work -- I've been a collector of wrestling action figures for years, and always run into the same issues. I've been lucky enough to find some of the figures and place orders through online retailers (Amazon, Entertainment Earth) without having to resort to places like eBay just yet. The reality is we do feel desperate to obtain certain figures, and we have to resort to the scalpers. Classics, for example, are figures most of us want - therefore will be hardest to find. This makes the ability to gouge even easier when some people make a living off of doing this... Sadly, I'd be willing to pay 2-3x the price for one if I didn't have mine already on order. If my area doesn't have it, or the other locations I do make trips out to - I have no other option, and this happens with the wrestling figures too. It's a sad state of affairs, but it's something we'll always have to deal with being collectors.

I don't mean to rain on your parade or anything, it's just a matter of scalpers suck, but they're the only option sometimes. Good luck to everyone on finding this stuff before they do -- I love the figures I've managed to get my hands on so far

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