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Scalpers can bite me! My Local Wal-Mart and Toysrus have more New ThunderCats product then I can shake a stick at, I can pick up whatever piece I want whenever I'm ready (Can only afford so much at a time), Deluxe, 4", 6", 8", Thunder Tank, Sidecars, Lizard Cannon or Sword of Omens.
All this talk about one per case of this and one per case of that, BULL. I’ve seen at least two or more of every figure every time I’ve gone to look. I hope every flipper buys a ton and get stuck with every piece of it.
I look at what some flippers are asking and laugh. $34 for Cheetara, I could have already bought a half dozen so far if I wanted.
As far as I can tell Bandai isn’t short producing anything.
EVERYONE, don’t be in such a rush, before long every regular retail chain will all the Thundercats Stuff you’ll ever want. With the Christmas season around the corner everyone will be stocking up on everything. You can count on it.
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